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Temporary Site Services

Red TSS is a market leader in the provision of temporary and site set-up services for the construction industry. We have gained experience in deployment at some of the UK’s major and high-status projects.
We offer services on analysis, support, setting up, delivery and development of transitory security, energy management, plumbing and electrical systems.

Development and Appraisal

Our timely annexation guarantees a well-coordinated installation that takes into consideration the project requirements using an organized and practical approach.
We seek to provide the most practical solutions that are detailed and efficient so as to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We use our experience and exposure to provide precise appraisals and designs that fall into the clients’ schedules based on knowledge derived from a variety of standard and complex projects.

Accreditation and Amenability

On installation, all apparatus and fittings are verified and accredited frequently as per the rules and regulations of the NICEIC. This is done under the BS7671 and Electricity at Work Regulations.


During emergencies, we provide 24/7 support throughout the year via phone communication. Red TSS has a team of dedicated support staff that covers the whole country so as to meet the need and requirements of clients.


  • Market leader in the supply of temporary service equipment featuring half decade of superior service provision
  • Seven branch network between Bristol and Glasgow
  • One of the biggest temporary fleets of service equipment in the UK
  • Regional based engineering teams deliver services that are derived from experience and local knowledge to cater for residents of the locale.
  • Our team of on-site plumbers, engineers and electricians comprises a minimum number of 125
  • We provide thorough and timely economical quotations that are accurate and customized to suit clients’ individual needs throughout the UK
  • We have half a century of hands-on experience as a major supplier of temporary project services to every sector of the construction industry in the country.
  • Our team of experts have gained qualifications and experience over time including NICEIC accreditation as well as being cardholders of ECS and CSCS.
  • ull Package Delivery featuring plan, fitting, support and analysis of every aspect of temporary service requirement

Red TSS caters for the demands of clients whatever the project requirement with the purpose of making their work easier. We provide a single point of contact located on site with a team of versatile staff that can adapt to the requirements of clients regarding the project. Get in touch with customer support for any of our services.