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Health & Safety

At Red Wind Energy, we are acutely aware of our responsibilities to our employees, client partners, contractors, visitors and to the general public.

It is the policy of the management at Red Wind Energy to comply with the relevant Health and Safety legislation relating to the provision and preservation of a safe working environment. This is regularly communicated and frequently reinforced with our employees and contractors through the dissemination of information via tool box talks and task specific briefings.

The company’s specific objectives are: –

  • Manage risk to help prevent all accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • Assess risks across the business to mitigate any risk of personal injury, occupational illness or other potentially dangerous occurrences
  • Communication and development in OH&S management and performance
  • Incorporate health & safety principles into the company culture
  • Compliance with applicable legislation and best practice
  • Create and preserve safe, healthy and environmentally sound working processes and practices throughout our operations.
  • Ensure appropriate safety equipment and training is available for all employees and to ensure their fitness to work safely.
  • Measure, benchmark and audit our performance in health & safety

Practically every industrial process is a combination of energy and materials, that if incorrectly managed has the potential to cause injury to staff and destruction to the plant or buildings.

Red Wind Energy maintains a focus on the upkeep and maintenance of the plant used by our people, regularly assessing any dilapidation in plant reliability as it ages and making appropriate repairs or changes should they be needed. It also extends to providing effective mechanisms, procedures and regular training of staff.