wind farm at sunset

Our Environmental System

Red Wind Energy is extremely cognisant of the part that it must play in helping to protect the environment today, and for future generations. We accept and agree that concern for the environment must form an essential part of how the company conducts its business activities.

In consideration of its concern for environmentalsustainability and social responsibility, Red Wind Energy conducts its business to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders today, while at the same time defending and developing the natural resources that will be needed in the future.

Red Wind Energy strives to meet the environmental challenges presented to the business sector and the general public, by understanding the role of energy in the greater economy and commerce as a whole. Of particular significance, Red Wind Energy has a great awareness to its carbon footprint, and has implemented measures to reduce its carbon emissions through energy efficiencies, recycling activities and conservation efforts.

The company actively works with its client partners to ensure that wherever possible it minimises the use of natural resources. We implement a waste management strategy, where we reduce, reuse or recycle waste.

Red Wind Energy maintains an energy control programme to minimise energy wastage and encourage the greatest utilisation of energy. Our environmental system is designed to ensure that company shall:

  • Institute and sustain auditable, environmentally sound working processes and practices throughout its operations
  • Avoid harm to protected wildlife species and habitats
  • Store and use oil, fuels and chemicals to minimum standards that observe the respective environmental legislation and agencies
  • Reduce and eliminate noise emissions that could create a vexation
  • Maintain all plant and equipment in a safe and environmentally sound condition
  • Provide any available environmental information on the contracted operations and services, at the request of the nominated representative.

Red Wind Energy works closely with its client partners, suppliers, employees and contractors in order to minimise any possible environmental impacts.

The company actively observes and controls the effects of its operational activities on the environment and endeavours to promote continuous advancement in its environmental performance through the use of proactive procedures.